about me

“Show me what you love, and I will tell you who you are.”

Accredited to Arsene Houssaye, who is apparently a novelist with a book made out of skin…Bizarre, yes, good quote, also yes. That being said, I’m here to tell you what I love.

First of all, God. Faith is my foundation.

Second of all, Sisterhood. I want to help build a culture where women empower women.

Sometimes I do that at work: I’m a nurse in women’s health and have been for several years.

Sometimes I do that here: I hope my words can encourage a community of women who know they are worthy, good, and beautiful.

When I’m not clocked in or putzing around on the blog you can find me cozy with a book or dancing like crazy downtown (#nashvegas). Life is all about balance, right?!

Some more fun facts for ya:

Pizza is my favorite food. I’m originally from the Northeast and can be a bit of a pizza snob, so I’m sorry if I’m hard to please. Not that sorry, though, because honestly have you ever had real NY pizza? If you know you know.

Northeastern breeding also leaves me eternally faithful to 1) Dunkin’ and 2) The Patriots. I love you, Tom. Even if you’ve gone to Florida.

Before Brady, Harry Potter was my first true love. And yes, if you’re asking, I am a Hufflepuff. 

If you’re still asking, I’m a melancholic-phlegmatic, INFJ, enneagram Type 2/Wing 1. My sneakers are size 10.

Also of note- I love therapy, writing, laughing, and wine. I love good books, my family, and dogs.

Thanks for stopping by! You’re welcome anytime. Especially if you bring pizza.