about me

“Show me what you love, and I will tell you who you are.”

Accredited to Arsene Houssaye, who is apparently a novelist with a book made out of skin…Bizarre, yes, good quote, also yes. So, here I am to tell you what I love. 

First of all, the answer to that is God. Faith is my foundation and the why behind I do what I do. 

And what do I do?

I do what I am passionate about- building up women. 

I do that at work: I’m a nurse in women’s health and have been for several years.

I do that/try to here on the blog: I want to encourage a community of women who know they are worthy, good, and beautiful. I want to inspire an abundant life well-lived; I’m telling stories here to build connection and encourage healing in every sense of the word- both within and with others.

When I’m not clocked in/putzing around on my computer you can find me cozy with a book or dancing like a crazy person downtown (#nashvegas). Totally happy doing either one. Happiest if my corgi friend Bean is around, even better if the fam is around too. 

Some more fun facts for ya:

Pizza is my favorite food, especially Margherita. I’m from the Northeast, so I am a bit of a pizza snob. Sorry, not sorry.

Harry Potter was my first love. And yes, I am a Hufflepuff. 

As mentioned above, I’m from the Northeast. New England born and bred, which means I am eternally faithful to 1) Dunkin’ and 2) The Patriots. I’ll love that team until I die.

In less interesting news, I am a melancholic-phlegmatic, INFJ, enneagram Type 2/Wing 1. Also a tallie brunette with size 9.5 sneaker.

Now, some things I don’t love. 



Men who take advantage of, disrespect, and don’t support women. 

However! I love that I am coming through divorce and I am stronger. I love my therapist, good friends, and journaling. I love that I am healthy. I love that I am me. 

I’d like to share my story, wherever it may go, as a woman growing through the hard and learning how to flourish.

I’d love if you stuck around to listen.