Dear Friends,

Home is the place we go to rest, renew, and reflect; welcome to mine. In this corner of the world/internet we drink coffee and spend time giving words the space to move us on our journey towards whole-hearted living.

If I had to break down what this space is about, and really what I am about, I present these self-proclaimed thesis points for that whole-hearted human experience:

Live Well. Be intentional. Go after what moves you. Seek beauty in both the grand and everyday. Serve and shape your community. When your heart is moved to create, create. Go to the beach, read books, and breathe.

Love Well. Your lover, your family, your friends, yourself- relationships make the world go round. Sometimes they break us, sometimes they build us. Most importantly, as someone who fought through a wreck of a relationship and survived, I’m proof that it is possible to recover from heartbreak. Your heart will grow through grief. It will be softened, widened, and opened. It’s all good. Keep going.

Be Well. Go to therapy. Journal. Stretch. Drink good wine. Eat good pizza. We are humans with senses, made to enjoy taste and sound and life. Practically speaking, this also means that diets and scales are profoundly constricting; there are better ways to eat and move, and we have more important things to do on this planet than endlessly strive for unachievable beauty standards. Cheers to that.

Pray. God is the how and the why. For me, the most important thing to know is that He is a God of love, He holds space for us as we are, and He desires our good. In my small human ways I try to align myself to that good, and wherever you are on your walk I think we can fall in step, one way or another.

In the meantime, thanks for stopping by and giving me the chance to share my thoughts and story. Stories tie us together in compassion and point us towards hope, especially that hope we hold for restoration, abundance, and joy.

Onward and upward, all. The best is yet to come.