notes on hope

Dear Friend,

Whatever brings you here, welcome. I hope you have a warm cup of coffee or large glass of wine and are settled in for some reading.

In all transparency, I started putting words here to help me through a season of heartbreak. Thankfully my heart is (mostly) back in one piece, but I’m still hanging out because I grew quite a bit, learned even more, and found a few things worth sharing. Naturally, I’ve got life to keep living and lessons to keep learning, so I’d love to let you in on the journey.

What I’ve found to be true so far:

I am good.

You are good.

Life is good.

And, mostly, that good, abundant, joyful life includes:

Healthy relationships with others. It is possible to face pain and not be broken, to find the end but meet a beginning. It is possible to embrace what you deserve and still love along the way.

A healthy relationship with yourself. There is beauty built into the hearts and bodies we’ve been given. While I come to embrace mine I hope I can encourage you to find your most whole, most lovely, most settled self.

Thank you for the chance to tell my story; stories tie us together in compassion and point us towards hope. 

Anyway, the point: there is restoration to be found and a good life to be lived. 



The light shines the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

John 1:5